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Let Us Show you real Power.
The Power of the SUN

Let Us Show you real Power.
The Power of the SUN

Grid Tie Kits

Grid-tie kits are an excellent way to reduce your energy costs. By generating electricity for you home, cottage, or business while remaining connected to the electrical grid, you can continue with stable power availability but benefit from the lower costs. This is achieved by having the grid kick-in when solar energy from the sun is not available. Then on days of excess solar energy, your excess power is provided to the grid and credited to your utility company account.

Trust Dubee Solar for grid tie kits custom specified for your home or business. Call us at 780-646-0372 or click on one of the buttons below to place an order or get more information.


Solar Grid-Tie gives you:

Lower Power Bills
Alternate Revenue Source

Grid Tie Solar Kit, NEP Micro Inverter, Adjustable Ground Mount, 18-Panel-60-Cell

This NEP micro inverters coupled with the adjustable ground mount system is perfect for any acreage or farm. You can seasonably adjust to get up to 15% more power production!

From: $12,685.40

4770W NEP 500W Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kit

The 4770W Micro Inverter Grid tie Kits NEP 500W are professionally designed.

From: $8,690.40

Grid Tie Fronius 7800W Solar Kit

Featuring an average monthly power production of 860 kWh per month, this Fronius 7800W Solar Kit has the additional bonus of feeding unused power back into the grid. This means the total energy is either used by your own power consumption loads or the unused excess power is put back into the grid, crediting your electric bill and adding even more value to this forward-thinking, long-term investment.

From: $13,111.30

7950W NEP 500W Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kit

7950 W Micro Inverter Grid tie Kit are professionally designed.

From: $14,082.00

19KW 3-Phase NEP 500W Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kit

19KW 3-Phase NEP 500W Micro Inverter Grid tie Kit

From: $32,984.55


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